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The Official Jerusalem Hotel Association Website

  • Hotel of the Week

    The American Colony Hotel - a regal welcoming hospitality, in a beautifully elegent, historical setting, wherein you'll discover Jerusalem anew. 
  • Attractions

    Discover Jerusalem - Here you will find an extensive list of recommended attractions in Jerusalem, you simply can't afford to miss. 

  • Restaurants

    Take a bite of Jerusalem's culinary richess - Click here for an extensive list of the finest restaurants around town, arranged geographically for your convenience. 

  • Jerusalem Venues

    For the perfect Jerusalem experience - don't miss the cultural and historical venues and the beautiful holy sites around Jerusalem. 
  • Jerusalem Tours

    Experience Jerusalem through all your senses - an extensive list of guided tours in and on the outskirts of Jerusalem is waiting for you.  
  • Jerusalem Events

    A night out on the town? Here's an extensive list of Jerusalem's top events: performances, plays, concerts, dance, and more.