Located in the a beautiful spot, The First Station, Adom Restaurant has a unique atmosphere. The beautiful decor and European fair are complemented by delicious meals, fine wine and an upscale scene. Since its opening around a decade ago, Adom has become one of the most popular restaurants in town among Jerusalem youngsters. Both locals and tourists come here to eat and socialize, and the place is rarely seen empty. 

The menu includes Mediterranean dishes, and other combinations of French and Italian cuisine, created by the chef Elran Buzgalo, along with the chef of the Jerusalem 'Red Group', Michael Katz.

Appetizers include liver pate served with homemade cherry tomatoes jam, or the famous tomato salad, which will make your palate crave Italy. Among the main courses you will find, Lamb Osso Buco, Seafood Risotto with cream and white wine sauce, and Sauteed Shrimps, and Goos Breast.

We recommend not to skip the dessert, even if you are full. Also, Adom serves a special night menu starting from 23.00, offering special and light dishes, for the guests’ comfort.

Further Information:

Address: The First Station

Tel: +972 2 6246242

Not Kosher