The Austrian Hospice Cafe

In Austria’s capital Vienna, there are about 2000 coffee shops, symbolic of the European Viennese coffee culture. The Austrian Hospice in the Old City of Jerusalem has been a home for many a tourist and pilgrim from around the world, and as it oifficialy turned into an hotel, opening an authentic Viennese café was more than a necessity. The Austrian Hospice Cafe serves excellent Viennese coffee, and of course, its famous Viennese apple strudel, among other traditional delicacies.

Apart from the strudel, customers will enjoy a slice of “Zachar torte”, a chocolate cake invented by a Jewish pastry chef of the same name, and delicacies such as the “Spatzl,” the Austrian version of pasta, huge meatballs called Fleischlaberl, and of course - the famed Viennese schnitzel.

Further Information

Address: 37 Via Dolorosa Rd., the Old City.

Tel: +972 2 6265800

Fax: +972 2 6265816 

Not Kosher