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Begin Heritage CenterBegin Heritage Center - The Scottish Church

Begin Heritage Center is a memorial and a national museum dedicated to Menachem Begin, Etzel commander, leader of the opposition in the Israeli Parliament, and Prime Minister of Israel between the years 1977-1983.

The center commemorates his life and his life's long work as a  leader and as a warrior, fighting for the state of Israel and its safety.

Begin Heritage Center is located on the outskirts of the Old City of Jerusalem, on the shoulder of Hinnom Valley, facing the Old City walls and Mount Zion. The center includes a museum, a library and a research center, and it organizes frequent educational activities, lectures, commemorative activities, and various events related to Menachem Begin and his legacy.

The research institute of Begin Heritage Center strives to deepen the knowledge and the dialogue in all cultural areas, law, economics and Israeli defense policy, emphasizing the legacy of Menachem Begin. The Center’s Education Department offers many tours in Jerusalem, associated with Menachem Begin.

The library shows an impressive collection of books from Begin’s personal library, and it serves students, soldiers and the general public.

Contact Information

6 Sh.A Nachon St.

+972 2 5652020