Café Asia

The Lavan restaurant at the Cinematheque, one of the leading restaurants in Jerusalem for many years, has been replaced by Café Asia, which brings the flavors from Far East food stands to Jerusalem. The food cooked in improvised pots along the alleyways of Bangkok, Hanoi’s spicy sauce skewers, and small plates laden with delicious delicacies that you can locate anywhere from Tokyo to Cambodia’s Phnom Penh, can be found at this Jerusalem restaurant, across from the beautiful view of the Old City’s Walls.
Café Asia specializes in a unique Asian concept of simple, delicious food while also being marvellously creative. There are also group-sized dishes, children’s dishes and delicious meals comprised of the best items on the menu.

Further Information

Address: Derech Hebron 11, The Cinematheque

Tel: +972-2-6737393