Downtown Restaurants

  • Azura

    Located at the heart of Machane Yehuda Market, Azura has fed many generations in Jerusalem, and has been one of the Market's stamp restaurants for decades, serving everyone from working class laborers to politicians and celebrities.

    תמונת עמוד מורחב
  • Cafe Kadosh

    Cafe Kadosh is a cosy, but elegant veteran family business located in downtown Jerusalem. The café offers a combination of various coffee blends and light dishes, and it is particularly famed for its unique and delicious pastries.

    תמונת עמוד מורחב
  • Chakra

    Chakra opened in 2000 and has been a culinary success story ever since, situating itself undisputedly among Jerusalem's finest restaurants. Chakra's unique style and its creative Mediterranean menu will make your pallet smile.

    תמונת עמוד מורחב
  • Gabriela

    The Ben Shatach pedestrian promenade has recently become an attractive spot for Jerusalem youngsters, with the opening of new restaurants and shops, as well as festivals, street shows and parties, and other local events happening around.

    תמונת עמוד מורחב
  • Ima Restaurant

    Ima Restaurant, right down the street from the famous Machane Yehuda Market, offers oriental dishes cooked by the family's mother, Miriam Binyamin, who is both the head of the family, and the Restaurant's Chef.

    תמונת עמוד מורחב
  • Machneyuda

    Led and managed by Chef Assaf Granit, the restaurant MachneYehuda assumed its name from the famous Jerusalem Market, and much like the famous market, it too has turned into a culinary success story among locals and tourists alike.

    תמונת עמוד מורחב
  • Morduch

    Morduch is one of Jerusalem's famous family restaurants, located in Machane Yehuda Market. founded in 1982, in one of the Machane Yehuda's alleys, the restaurant is still extremely popular for its traditional Iraqi cuisine.

    תמונת עמוד מורחב
  • Rachmo

    The Jerusalem leader of working class restaurants, opened way back in the 1930’s, and still serves locals and tourists alike. All the dishes and foods in Rachmo are homemade of course, cooked with love and a particular affection for the Iraqi cuisine.

    תמונת עמוד מורחב