Holy Sites in Jerusalem

  • The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

    The Church of Holy Sepulchre is located at the Christian Quarter in the Old City, at the end of the 'way of suffering,' generally known as Via Dolorosa. According to the Christian faith, it is considered to be Jesus' place of crucifixion and burial. 
  • The Great Synagogue

    The Great Synagogue was built in inaugurated in Jerusalem in 1982, as a response to the growing need of the Jewish community in Jerusalem for a large central synagogue, a point of attraction and a unifying agent for religious life in Jerusalem. 
  • The Western Wall

    The Western Wall is the beating heart of Jerusalem. The ancient stones hold in them over 3,000 years of Jerusalem's history, the longing and the hope of the Jewish people to be reunited again in the Holy Land after 2,000 years of exile.
  • The Western Wall Tunnels

    The Western Wall Tunnels are placed under the main Western Wall square in the Old City of Jerusalem, stretching along the entire route of the western wall, the only retaining wall left from the period of the Second Temple.