Events in Jerusalem

  • Jerusalem Cultural Events Calendar:

  • The Jerusalem Piyyut Festival, September 2017

    The Piyyut Festival, which took place for the first time at Beit Avi Chai in 2008, continues to bring to life the unique musical tradition of piyyutim. The piyyut was preserved from generation to generation through Jewish tradition and remains a unique musical style to this day. The festival facilitates an encounter between age old piyyutim and contemporary music and melodies.
  • Hamshushalayim, December 2017

    Jerusalem’s favorite winter festival heats thing up as the cold weather blows in to Jerusalem. Hamshushalayim, a culture festival offering loads of events at little or no cost, takes place over four weekends November and December. Visitors from all areas of the country are invited to head to Jerusalem to be part of the action and take advantage of great deals in hotels and restaurants.
  • Old City Nights Festival, Every Thursday

    Old City Nights Festival, Every Thursday

    Jerusalem’s Old City comes to life after hours on Monday and Thursday evenings. Museums, tours, street theatre, dance, the Tower of David  Museum’s Night Spectacular Show, music, and displays – all this and more awaits visitors in the Old City as part of the “Old City Nights” Festival. The festival is the fruit of a collaboration by the Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Development Authority, and the Prime Minister’s Office.
  • Winter Uproar, February 2018

    Get your coat on! Winter Uproar (Sha’on Horef), a project of the Youth Authority of the Jerusalem Municipality, is a series of winter events including live music, DJs, food workshops and discounts, literary events, film screenings and discussions, visual art events, theater performances and more which will get you out from under the down comforter and into party mode.
  • The International Jerusalem Marathon, March 2018

    The first full Jerusalem marathon was held in 2011 and has since become a yearly event. The date is chosen every year to provide runners with prime weather conditions – mild with low humidity. The marathon is preceded by a special sport and health expo and a pre-run pasta dinner for runners.
  • Jerusalem Arts Festival, April 2018

    The Jerusalem Arts Festival began in 2002 and has become an annual tradition ever since. A leading cultural anchor in the city’s festival calendar, the festival features dance, theatre, and live music performances in major cultural venues around Jerusalem. Each year, there is a series of nightly free performances in the Jerusalem Theatre’s outdoor plaza. The festival brings the spirit of art and creativity to Jerusalem each year with top tier artists and special productions.
  • Old City Light Festival, June 2018

    The International Old City Light Festival takes place annually since its initiation in 209 as part of a joint project by the Jerusalem Development Authority and the Ariel Company, attracting droves of visitors and residents. The festival is a spectacular sensory celebration fusing innovative technology, light and lighting systems, art, music, performances and acrobatics which together create a magical, unforgettable experience. Visitors are invited to stroll for free among the alleyways of the Old City and enjoy interactive and dynamic light displays, pyrotechnic and music performances, video art projected on the walls and buildings of the Old City, and more.
  • Jerusalem Film Festival, July 2018

    Lia van Leer initiated the first Jerusalem Film Festival in 1984. Since then, the festival has become an annual tradition and arguably the most important film event in Israel. The annual ten day festival, which has, throughout the years, made an invaluable contribution to Israeli film, showcases the best of Israeli and foreign film, screening between 150-200 films in a number of divisions: the best of international feature films, documentaries, Jewish identity and history, human rights and freedom, new directors, and Israeli film. 
  • The Wine Festival at the Israel Museum, August 2018

    A mainstay on Jerusalem’s cultural calendar and an Israeli summer favorite, the annual wine festival takes place every August at the Israel Museum. The open air festival is held in the museum’s sculpture garden and hosts Israel’s finest wineries who offer tastings to visitors. The wine tasting is accompanied by live music, cheeses and other food and a great, chill summer vibe. Included in the price of a ticket is free entrance to the museum and a wine glass for unlimited tastings.
  • Chutzot Hayotzer, August 2018

    The annual international Chutzot Hayotzer festival, possibly Israel’s largest summer tourist attraction, brings artists and craftsmen from all over the world together in Jerusalem’s Sultan’s Pool to display and sell their works. The festival also features A-line Israeli performers with unforgettable live shows.
  • The Beer Festival, August 2018

    Beer lovers from around the country come together in Jerusalem each summer to taste and guzzle over 100 varieties of beer from Israel and abroad which are offered at the festival. In addition to large scale beer breweries, the festival also hosts home breweries, premium breweries, and boutique breweries which offer rare and unique beer flavors and styles. Visitors will also be treated to live music by popular Israeli bands.