Jerusalem Restaurants

  • Old City Restaurants

    The Old City is one of the most popular and unique spots in Jerusalem, a must see site for every tourist to visit at least once. The rich colors, the enchanting aroumas and the market sounds, everything comes down to an encoumpassing and stimulating experience that will take hold of all your senses. Whether you came for a tour, or to say your prayers at the Western Wall, you shouldn't miss out on the culinary richness the Old City has to offer. Taste the best Hummus in Jerusalem, enjoy the beautiful view from one of the restaurants near the Old City Walls, and enjoy a traditional authentic dish in one of the Arab restaurants. 
  • Restaurants in South Jerusalem

    Spoil yourself with a sweet Belgian Waffle at the Waffle Bar, or treat yourself to a European style coffee at the Grand Cafe. If you prefer the comfort of a cosy neighborhood cafe you are cordially invited to Cafe Kalo, or if your cup of tea happens to be the a freshly baked pastry, come to Mifgash Hasheich.
  • Restaurants near the City Entrance

    Looking for a blue collar restaurant to serve you a simple and delicious home cooked meal? Or maybe a gourmet restaurant, where the waiters dance on the tables. Are you looking for a good restaurant to conclude your tour at the Israel Museum? Here all the options are literally at your feet.
  • Restaurants in Ein Kerem Neighborhood

    After sightseeing at the Church of Visitation, or Ma'ayan Fountain, come for a fine wine and dine experience in one of the fine culinary institutions in Ein Kerem. The veteran Karam Restaurant offers a rich menu, and at Pundak Ein Kerem you will be treated with a unique atmosphere and a celebration for your pallet.
  • Restaurants near Mishkenot Sha‘ananim

    Lavan at the cinematheque will spoil you with a royal Italian meal, and a charming view of the old city. In Montifiore you will find gourmet good and an enchanting atmosphere in one of the first neighborhoods built outside the Old City Walls.
  • German Colony Restaurants

    The exuberant and trendy German Colony district provides a rich variety of culinary dining options for any crowd: elegant and stylish cafes, meat restaurants, Italian restaurants, Mediterranean and Asian cuisines, and of course, our favourite finger food, the Sushi. 
  • Downtown Restaurants

    If you happen to be looking for the latest French gourmet recommendaton, or a Mediterranean restaurant serving the best home cooked meals, downtown Jerusalem has it all, and all you need to do is to decide what is your heart's craving.