Jerusalem Venues

  • Holy Sites in Jerusalem

    Once you have arrived in Jerusalem, there are a few places one simply must see, regardless of his/her faith, age, or background. For instance, have you visited the Western Wall Square at nightfall? Have you been inside the Western Wall Tunnels to see the Holy of Holies? Were you able to find your way through the intricate maze of the Old City's alleys to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre? Did you stand in the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem to raise a prayer? Jerusalem's spiritual aura tells a moving story of a people and a nation, a 3,000 years long history carved into Jerusalem's stones and streets.
  • Museums

    Jerusalem's status as the Holy City is undisputable; however, if you when arriving in Israel's capital one will do well to remember that Jerusalem is also an artistic and cultural point of attraction for tourists from around the world. From the Israel Museum to Yad Vashem, don't miss out on Jerusalem's impressive museums.
  • Jerusalem Theatres

    You have arrived in Jerusalem just in time to enjoy your dinner, and are looking forward to experience an authentic night out on the town? Numerous entertainment performances await you, live music shows, stand up comedy, lectures, dance performances and concerts, find everything you were looking for and more, right here.
  • Historical Sites

    As the capital of Israel, Jerusalem is also a home for various cardinal historical and national sites, including some of Jerusalem's most memorable and beautiful venues. Among these are Mount Herzle, The City of David, Mount of Olives, the awe-inspiring Knesset building (the Israeli Parliament), and The Israeli Supreme Court. 
  • Cultural Institutions

    Enter into Jerusalem's beating heart from the various fascinating voices coming from Jeruslem's ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. Through the shows and exhibits at the Beit Avi Chai Center for Jewish-Israeli Culture, through Bet Shmuel's shows, performances and lectures, or via the fascinating story of an Israeli leader at the Begin Heritage Center.
  • Markets and Shopping

    Are you addicted to the smell of a new garment? Or do you prefer window shopping? In Jerusalem you have it all, and then some. Alrov Mamilla Blvd. will send you on a shopping spree in Eauropean Style, the Jerusalem Mall is the spot for the ultimate shopper, and Machane Yehuda Market will enthrall all your senses. Don't forget your credit card!  
  • Parks and Gardens

    Jerusalem has quite an urban landscape, but even in Israel's capital city a select few serene and natural spots can be found, a green sight for sore eyes. Take the kids with you to visit the animals at the Biblical Zoo, for a soothing walk among the cherry blossom trees of the Botanical Gardens, or even birdwatching at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory Station.