Jerusalem Knights in the Old City

Jerusalem is a beautiful place to visit in the fall season, and the weather here never fails, and if you just happen to be in town, don't miss out on this ancient adventure in a world where legends become a reality. 

The Jerusalem Knights in the Old City Festival is truly a medieval experience. A unique project, managed by the Municipal Company Ariel, and in collaboration with the Prime Minister's Office and the Jerusalem Development Authority, the Knights in the Old City fest will take you on a magical journey through time back to the days when Jerusalem streets were brimming with magicians, knights, artists, street performers, music players, troubadours and many more colourful figures. 

In the beautiful stone alleys and mysterious nooks and crannies of the Old City you will meet with fascinating figures from the Middle Ages, street performances, fire and acrobatics shows, theatre and dance shows and much more. The path will lead you through all the four quarters of the Old City, through the restaurants and cafes, the exuberant markets which will remain open until late night hours, to meet with Adventures from way back when. 

One of the Street Performances from the Knights in the Old City Festival, 2011