Lavan at the Cinematheque

Lavan at the Cinemateque offers two outstanding experiences: a spectacular view of the Old City walls and Ben Hinom Valley, and the charm of the high quality daily cinema screenings at the Cinematheque.

The mood at Lavan is stylish and soothing, complemented by the restaurant's outstanding menu of rich breakfasts, dishes and desserts, in addition to a professional wine room.

The restaurant also hosts special events, such as the hamburgers festival, offering unique dishes like Mumbai hamburger and fish hamburger. The pampering breakfasts include dishes like sweet pancakes and smoked salmon with cream cheese and vegetables.

Main courses include pastas, pizzas and meats, all with different extras and sauces. For those who adore wine, it is a must to order a glass in this great restaurant.

Family events can be hosted at Lavan, with the beautiful scenery and the serene atmosphere making your event an unforgettable experience.

Further Information

Address: 11 Hevron Rd., The Jerusalem Cinematheque

Tel: +972 2 6737393

Not Kosher