Lechem Basar Restaurant

At the heart of the ever-developing old train station complex, which has earned the title “The First Station”, are some of the best restaurants in the city, including Lechem Basar. The emphasis is on a good food experience and exquisite ingredients used to create a meticulous menu. The dishes aren’t overcomplicated, and put across a clear message of carefully-selected, skillfully prepared and professionally served meat. Along with the simple good food, there are creative dishes, sweet desserts and a selection of boutique wines to create a perfect meal.
The bread is baked in a tabun oven in the open kitchen, and is served hot and crunchy with juicy steaks and other properly-made meat-based dishes. The experience offered by Lechem Basar consists of an indulgent meal at the heart of a vibrant hip location.

Further Information

Address: The First Station complex

Tel: +972-2-6244808