There are ordinary Italian restaurants, and then there's Luciana - a dairy kosher restaurant at the heart of the German Colony. The restaurant is located in an old Jerusalem Stone building, surrounded by the Colony's pastoral atmosphere, all creating the perfect blend with the color and freshness of the restaurant's cuisine.

The freshly baked pastries, the fresh fish and the incredible pastas make the dining experience in Luciana an extremely delicious one.

Among the offered breakfasts is the Toscana Style Breakfast served with smoked salmon, while the parallel Florence Breakfast gives the home rule to the focaccia, complemented by seasonal fruits and cinnamon. The Sicily breakfast prefers poached eggs. The menu is filled with rich salads, pizzas, focaccias, pastas and fish. We recommend the almond coated fish fillet, served with semolina on a bed of roasted fennel.

Chef Aviram Dotan and the restaurant staff always seek out the best raw materials, for a healthy, fresh and delicious meal. If you are interested in throwing a private event, Luciana's second floor has a VIP room for that purpose.

Further Information

Address: 27 Emek Refaim St., The German Colony

Tel: +972 2 5630111

Fax: +972 2 5617899 

Luciana is Kosher