Machane Yehuda Market

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The Machane Yehuda Market is Jerusalem's central food market. Every corner bursts with numerous colors, scents and flavors, making your visit a fun and stimulating experience. The shops, and the market stands are loaded with the best foods you can find: breads, cheeses, oils, spices, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables.

The merchants and shop owners will (usually) great you with a smile, and despite the loud shouts emanating from the sellers, you will quickly learn that the people behind the counter are interesting and colorful, and that they are more than happy to share their Machane Yehuda stories with you, and tell you more about the characters behind it.

The market is open six days a week, from early morning, when you can smell the fantastic aroma of fresh bread and pastries coming from the bakeries, until late afternoon. On Fridays the market is open from early morning until Shabbat.

If you like to hang out in the crowd and feel the cultural vibe, go to the market on a Friday, to see the market in all of its glory. If you prefer it to be quieter, a weekday is recommended, the prices are also drastically lower.

Aside from the food stands and the shops, the market caters to (almost) every need: clothing shops and luxurious boutiques recently opened as part of the young and trendy spirit surrounding the market nowadays, jewelry shops, souvenirs and cosmetics, various cheep restaurants, and even some luxurious gourmet culinary establishments. In many ways it's the twin market of the famous La Boqueria Market in Barcelona.

If you are after some good home cooked foes, such as stuffed vegetables or Kubbeh soup, don’t pass up Ima Restaurant (mother), Rachmo, Azura or Morduch, and if you want to dine in style, the Machneyuda Restaurant should be the one for you, or even its younger sister "Yudale."