Markets and Shopping in Jerusalem

  • Alrov Mamilla Boulevard

    Mamila used to be one of the neighborhoods connecting between the Old City and the New City. Today, it is a wide shopping avenue, stretching from Agron junction to the outskirts of Jaffa Gate.
  • Ben Yehuda Midrachov

    Ben Yehuda is one of the most vivid, colorful and bustling streets in Jerusalem. Lined with various shops, cafés and restaurants, convenience stores, souvenirs and Judaica shops, the Ben Yehuda Midrachov contains everything that is beautiful, bizarre and unique. 
  • Jerusalem Mall (Malcha)

    The Jerusalem Mall is the largest and most comprehensive shopping mall in Jerusalem and its surroundings. The perfect place for an all out shopping spree, or even for an afternoon of fun and family activities. From clothes to restaurants, at the Jerusalem Mall everything is at your feet.  
  • Machane Yehuda Market

    The Machane Yehuda Market is Jerusalem's central food market. Every corner bursts with numerous colors, scents and flavors, making your visit a fun and stimulating experience. The shops, and the market stands are loaded with the best foods you can find: breads, cheeses, oils, spices, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables.
  • The Old City Market

    The main part of Jerusalem’s Old City Market is located in the Muslim Quarter, but actually the intricate market alleys overlap and go through the borders of all four quarters of the Old City: The Christian, the Armenian, the Muslim and the Jewish Quarter.
  • Zion Square

    Since the 1920's, Zion Square became one of the most vivid pedestrian locations in Jerusalem. It witnessed numerous demonstrations, various cultural events, and even starred in a movie based on David Grossman’s book “Someone to Run With.”