The Jerusalem Old City Bites Ticket

The Old City Market - SpicesThe Muslim Market in The Old CityA Fabric Store in The Old City MarketThe Old City Market - Spices

If you are the kind of tourist who prefers to wander around the alleys of The Old City of Jerusalem by yourself, without being bound to a group, guide or schedule, the Jerusalem Old City Bites Ticket is exactly what you need. Discover the flavors, colors and scents of the Old City and the stories behind them.

The Old City Bites Ticket gives you 6 selected tastings of your choosing of the delicious culinary variety offered by the Old City Market. In addition, the ticket also credits you with a special 15% discount for an unforgettable Segway tour in the Old City.

The Old City Bites Ticket also comes with a useful and comprehensive guide for the independent traveler in the Old City, free of charge. It offers tips and advice to help you navigate around the various stands, shops and markets, and reveal the most interesting and beautiful sites. You will discover the stories and secrets hidden among the alleys of the Old City, which have made it so attractive for both Israeli and foreign tourists.

Among the various bites options you will find a taste of authentic Arabic coffee blends – extra black and extra sweet, a portion of real lamb kebab, a box of selected spices, the original tamarind drink or a milky almond beverage, a taste of hand crafted honey, local tahini and a taste of Turkish Delight.

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