Restaurant in the Old City of Jerusalem

  • Luciana

    There are ordinary Italian restaurants, and then there's Luciana - a dairy kosher restaurant at the heart of Mamila Mall, creating the perfect blend with the color and freshness of the restaurant's cuisine.

    תמונת עמוד מורחב
  • Al Nasser Restaurant

    Al Nasser Restaurant is located on Beit Ha-Bad street, at the heart of the Muslim Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem. The restaurant is situated in a beautiful ancient building, and it maintains the building's original enchanting design.

    תמונת עמוד מורחב
  • Al Zahara Restaurant

    Open to locals and tourists for nearly 50 years, Al Zahara has earned its reputation hosting important figures, such as Abdullah, King of Jordan. The restaurant specializes in Arabic, French and Italian cuisines, and offers various traditional dishes.

    תמונת עמוד מורחב
  • David‘s Harp

    David's Harp is located in an ancient Crusader Khan on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. The restaurant boasts colorful and inspiring local foods, brought to you directly from the restaurant's chefs, Anat Lev Ari and Amit Cohen. 

    תמונת עמוד מורחב
  • Kedma

    Kedma Brasserie, located on the outdoors mall Alrov Mamila Boulevard across from the Old City Wall, offers an original and kosher menu, with a breathtaking view of the Old City walls, the Tower of David and Yemin Moshe. 

    תמונת עמוד מורחב
  • The Austrian Hospice Cafe

    The Austrian Hospice Cafe, located in the Armenian Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem, serves excellent Viennese coffee, and of course, its famous Viennese apple strudel, among other traditional delicacies.

    תמונת עמוד מורחב
  • 1868

    1868 is one of Jerusalem's most famous gourmet restaurants. Located in an elegant old Jerusalem building from the 19th century, the restaurant inspiringly joins classic dishes with Jerusalem’s special flavors with unique atmosphere and design. 

    תמונת עמוד מורחב