Old City Walls Promenade

A View of the Christian Quarter from the PromenadeThe Tower of DavidThe Old City Walls Promenade

The walls surrounding the Old City of Jerusalem were built around four hundred and fifty years ago, by the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. The walls around the Old City can be divided into two sections, the northern section running from Jaffa Gate to the Lions Gate, and the southern section, running from Jaffa Gate to the Dung Gate.

From the northern section you will be able to see the roofs of the Christian and Jewish Quarters in the Old City, as well as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Notre Dame Abbey.
Turning north you will be able to see also the colorful Old City Market, and finally the beginning of Via Dolorosa, leading Jesus to be crucified.

A tour on the southern part of the walls will take you towards the area of The Tower of David and The Jewish Quarter. from these parts of the wall you will be able to see the beautiful Mishkenot Sha’ananim neighborhood, and Sultan’s Pool. Next, the tour will take you through the Armenian Quarter, Dormition Abbey, Mount Zion, until your final destination, The Jaffa Gate.

The experience of walking on the walls surrounding the Old City is a unique and unparalleled experience, recommended to locals and tourists, it is a point of encounter between the old and the new, East and West, breathtaking views and a fascinating history.