Parks and Gardens in Jerusalem

  • The Botanical Gardens

    The Botanical Gardens in Jerusalem are a piece of green heaven in the urban landscape of Jerusalem. The gardens range across 120 acres, where visitors are welcomed to walk about and admire Israel's largest collection of plants and an exhibit of colorful and fragrant year-round blooms. 
  • The Biblical Zoo

    The Biblical Zoo is the only zoo in Israel that has all the animals mentioned in the Bible. The story of The Biblical Zoo begins in 1940, when it was founded as a small petting zoo garden in Jerusalem's Downtown area. The founder, Prof. Aaron Shulov, was one of the Hebrew University's first zoologists, and the first to create a zoo with animals from the Bible.

  • The Jerusalem Bird Observatory

    The Jerusalem Bird Observatory is located in Kiryat HaLeom, between the Knesset and the Supreme Court. It was established in 1994 by a group of individuals, who were determined to preserve and protect the birdwatching venue, one of the very few which have remained in the country.
  • Train Track Park

    The park is a welcome addition to Jerusalem’s green spaces, spanning a route which stands alongside many cultural and entertainment attractions.