Rachmo Restaurant has become so identified with The Machane Yehuda Market, that the municipality considered changing the name of its street to Rachmo.

Until the name is officially declared Rachmo, the restaurant will do everything in its power to please its customers.

The Jerusalem leader of working class restaurants, opened way back in the 1930’s, and still serves locals and tourists alike. All the dishes and foods in Rachmo are homemade of course, cooked with love and a special affection for the Iraqi cuisine.

Rachmo is named after the culinary figure, Rachamim Ben Yosef R.I.P, who founded the restaurant, and turned it into one of the best hummus joints in Israel. Rumor has it that Rachmo used to feed Jerusalem's poor with delicious hummus, free of charge.

The menu includes hummus and Kubbeh, stuffed vegetables, vine leaves and other dishes and extras you will not be able to get enough of.

Further Information

Address: Ha-eshkol str. 5, Mahane Yehuda.

Tel: +972 2 6234595

Rachmo is Kosher