Sacher Park

Sacher Park (Gan Sacher in Hebrew) is the largest park in Jerusalem, boasting expanses of green grass, sports fields, and serving as a multi-purpose strategic green space in the heart of the city. The park’s size and central location have made it the preferred space for shows and large-scale cultural events. Established in 1965, the park was named after Harry Sacher, a British Zionist leader, whose nationality inspired the English-style design.
On Independence Day and other holidays the park is engulfed in a barbeque-induced smoky haze due to the hundreds of Jerusalemites that descend upon it to hang out and roast their meat on grills as Israeli tradition would have it. The park is located right near several important Jerusalem landmarks, including The Supreme Court, the Knesset, Government Compound, the Israel Museum, and others. Whenever snow graces the city with her white magnificence, the park is an ideal space for winter games and snowman building.
Visitors to the park are invited to take in the view of the Nachlaot neighborhood’s red roofs, run, play soccer, Frisbee and other sports, or just enjoy the beauty and nature of Jerusalem’s largest green space.