The City of David

The City of David is an archeological site, a substantial part of the national Walls of Jerusalem Park. It is situated on the Ophel Hill, in the Old City basin, in a concave and closed bottom.

Today, The City of David is located outside of the Old City walls, inside the Arab neighborhood, Siluwan; However, originally, the City of David was located inside the walls of Jerusalem, from its first days to the Middle Ages.

The Arvheological site of The City of David includes several important digging spots, among which are the big stone building, that some assume used to be the king’s palace, a Government Complex, where it is assumed that the high class social strata lived, the wall from the Second  Temple period, the Canaanite fort, Warren's Shaft, the Shiloach Tunnel, and more.

Currently, the City of David is supported by David Foundation and Israel Nature and Parks Authority. The site provides guided tours, archeological sites, audio-visual presentation at the entrance of the compound, the shop, etc.