The Jerusalem Bird Observatory

The Jerusalem Bird Observatory is located in Kiryat HaLeom, between the Knesset and the Supreme Court. It was established in 1994 by a group of individuals, who were determined to preserve and protect the birdwatching venue, one of the very few which have remained in the country.

In time, the research station became a model for a nature preservation community site. Among other things, the station also has educational programs for students and adults preaching  environmental involvement and ecological awareness.

The size of the Jerusalem Bird Observatory is around 5 acres, where bird lovers will be able to witness thousands of birds’ habitats, and see thousands of birds passing the observatory on their way to their destination.

These habitats are also widely used by the birds as refreshing stops, and during their stay in the observatory they become a part of the station's educational program, and the encounters held in the station between the wandering birds, students, bird lovers and the birdwatching world.

The observatory marks the migrating birds, and follows the different species and varieties of migratory birds who visit Israel. Visitors of the observatory can watch the birds 24 hours a day without interruption, through a closed wooden facility, without disturbing the birds.

In addition to the Bird Observatory and the station's educational activities, the place also hosts various events related to the birdwatching, guided tours, lectures, and more.

Contact Information

Rothschild Street, on the outskirts of Gan Sacher

+972 2 6537374