The Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court of Israel holds four main authorities: The Supreme Justice Court appeals against the state and public agencies, system of appeals against judgments sustained at The District Court, further discussion, and ruling in holding a criminal retrial.

The Supreme Court of Israel was founded in 1948, by a secret voting, starting to carry out its duties only later that year. It was led by five chosen judges. The decision to locate the Isreali Supreme Court was carried out under the Basic Law of Israel.

For many years the Supreme Court Building was located at the Russian Compound in Jerusalem, until the early 90’s, when it was moved to its new place in Givat Ram neighborhood, in the Government Complex.

The Supreme Court was built in a special building specifically designed for its purposes. The architectural elements guiding its construction were based on the values of justice and truth. Thus, most of the building's illumination is natural, by the day light coming from above, displaying the perception of justice in Judaism.

The building is built entirely from Jerusalem stones, and the entrance is shielded with a wall, signifying the Western Wall, reflecting the architects aim to create a bond between the visitors of the Supreme Court to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.