The Tower of David Spectacular Night Show

The Spectacular Night Show at the Tower of David The Spectacular Night Show at the Tower of David The Spectacular Night Show at the Tower of David

The breathtaking view of Jerusalem at nightfall is enough to make any heart skip a beat, but when the night covers the stones of David’s Tower, the view of the city from The Tower of David museum is one of the most fascinating sights in Jerusalem. Some even say that it is one of the most spectacular views across the country.

4000 years of Jerusalem history, which have imprinted their mark on every Jerusalem street and stone, are reflected in a mesmerizing audio-visual show, lit by breathtaking images of virtual reality.

The viewer of The Spectacular Night Show at The Tower of David will absorb Jerusalem with all his senses: sounds from different eras, the voices of history, visuals projected by an innovative technique of 3D Optical Illusions, while the walls of the tower provide the perfect décor for the viewer's unique experience.

The audio-visual spectacular night show is suitable for adults, children and families. The show is projected by using innovative techniques and highly advanced computerized systems.

Please make sure to bring warm clothing with you, as the show is held outdoors.

Ticket Prices: 45-55 NIS, the duration of the show is around 45 minutes.

Further Information

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 to 16:00; Friday Closed; Holiday eves, holidays and Saturdays 10:00 to 14:00

Address: Jaffa Gate, Old City

Tel: +972 2 6265333, * 2884