The Western Wall Tunnels

The Blocking Wall Opposite the Foundation StoneThe Entrance into The Western Wall TunnelsStruthion Pool

The Western Wall Tunnels are placed under the main Western Wall square in the Old City of Jerusalem, stretching along the entire route of the western wall, the only retaining wall left from the period of the Second Temple.

The spaces and small caves formed over the years, will take visitors on a journey through time, in which they will discover different structures and architecture from the Middle Ages, The Second Temple period and The Early Modern Period.

The Western Wall Tunnels are are regarded as a considerable bone of contention between Muslims and Jews, due to its proximity to the Temple Mount and to the Holy of Holies, a contention which has grown with the excavations project that began after the Six Day War, which allowed the Jewish population a free approach to the Western Wall and the tunnels.

The tour of The Western Wall Tunnels is a fascinating historical and archeological journey, that in addition to the spiritual importance attributed to the Western Wall Tunnels, as inside the tunnels is located the Holy of Holies, placed at the exact location opposite the historical Holy of Holies that stood on the historical Moria Mountain.