Waffle Bar

Waffle bar is a sweet heaven in Baka'a neighborhood. The modern design, the comfortable sofas, the decorated walls and the romantic lightning, all merge together in order to create the utmost comfort, in order for the customer to focus on what really counts: the sweet addictive taste.

This place specializes in making the famous Belgian waffle, which was enthusiastically adopted by the Americans in the sixties, becoming a world wide hit since. The waffle is served with sweet add-ons, such as Nutella chocolate, hot caramel and Ferrero Rocher.

Waffle Bar also serves sweet and salty French crepes, as well as a selection of sandwiches and tortillas served with peppers and even goat cheese. If you happen to be looking for something more than a waffle, the place also offers various salads and other dishes, prepared with love and inspiration.

The place is suitable for special events and offers catering services.

Further Information

Address: Bethlehem Rd., Baka'a Neighborhood

Tel : 1-700-701-775

Waffle Bar is Kosher